Welcome to the Ray and Marie Goldbach,
Marathon Area Swim Association!

MASA in spring

The mission of the Marathon Area Swim Association is to provide its members and the community with a pleasant and safe water environment for fitness, education and recreation.

We have a new fitness class here at MASA called "Water in Motion".

NEW - Beginning in February we will offer Water in Motion at 6:30 PM on Wednesday nights. Tuesday and Thursday nights will be for Zumba.

Please click here for more information about Water in Motion!

Change is in the wind!

MASA has become a member of the Mindbody network. We will use Mindbody to help us with client profiles which we will use to keep track of membership information, account status, pool usage and for registration for swim lessons and other programs. You will find links throughout our website that will take you to parts of our MASA Mindbody website. Mindbody is a completely secure PCI and HIPAA compliant solution.

If you are a current or recent member you will find that you already have a profile that we have entered into Mindbody. We are here to help you through the transition. Just give us a call at 715-443-3772 if you are having trouble. We sent out a newsletter to our current members explaining how to connect to your existing profile. You will need to gain access to your existing profile and in order to gain access to your membership and in order to have the proper relationships with your family members set up (if you have a family membership). If you make a new profile for yourself it will be a duplicate and it will then appear that you don't have a membership.

If you are a new customer please feel free to use the link below to create a profile for yourself. Non-members that have had a membership in the past 3 years or those that have visited the pool in the recent past may also find that they have a profile already created.

Click here to log into Mindbody and gain access to the accounts of yourself and your family members.

Click here to view the instructions for logging into Mindbody for the first time.

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MASA has "gone green". We now send out a membership letter and overview of our year at the pool only once a year in early September. We hope that you will allow us to stay in touch with you about what is happening at the pool by subscribing to our e-newsletter. Information on swim lessons, programs, swim team, special events and other pool news will arrive in your inbox right when you need to know. If you don't wish to get our emails you can view the information that was in the e-newsletter on the bulletin board at the pool.

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MASA will not give, sell, or otherwise transfer email addresses, obtained by our website or online service for the purpose of distributing our email newsletter, to any other party for the purposes of initiating, or enabling others to initiate, electronic mail messages.

Help with using this site!

Many of the calendars and fliers on our site are in PDF format. If you find that you are not able to open some things you may have to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader. This is a free program that you may want to have because PDF's are everywhere. Click the red box do download this now.