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MASA, 6 land 25 yard pool.

The main pool is 25 yards long, 6 lanes wide and ranges in depth from 3.5-9.3 feet. The deep end has a diving board. The small instructional pool, off the main pool, is 2-3.5 feet deep and easily accessible by a large stairway and railing. New in 2015; we now have an ADA lift so that those with disabilities can also use the pool.

With our state-of-the-art air handling and ventilation system, the facility offers optimal indoor air quality for occupants. The system also maintains consistent air temperatures and moisture control for a comfortable pool environment.

Pleasant locker rooms have large lockers and separate drying areas adjacent to the shower rooms. Also available are privacy stalls, hair dryers, large mirrors, counter areas with several outlets, and a changing table for infants and toddlers.

Facility: The building is 10,122 square feet. The pool itself holds 119,000 gallons of water!

Staff: MASA prides itself on its friendly, responsible staff. A certified lifeguard is on duty at all times.

Location: MASA is conveniently located adjacent to the new Marathon City Branch Library. Ample parking spaces are available.

Membership Privileges

  • Early lesson registration and lessons at no cost.
  • Free adult swimming lessons.
  • Open swim and lap swim. 72 lengths equals 1 mile. We track your miles if you want.
  • Water exercise, aerobic, aqua Zumba classes.
  • Manta Ray Swim Team (additional registration fee).
  • Special classes at a lower cost.
  • Benefit to Big Brothers/Big Sisters sponsors
  • GOOD FUN!!!

Pool Lift, ADA approved

MASA History

For a brief history of the changes that have taken place here at MASA over the years Please click here.

Also, check out our Photo Gallery!

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