Incentive Program

Please note:  Your incentive has been saved if you were in the program before we closed. We will evaluate how to restart this program when we are back to normal operations.  Thank You!

Fitness And Lap Swim Incentive

Shape Up For Summer And Why Wait

The MASA Shape Up for Summer and Why Wait program is an incentive program that rewards participants for the number of times they exercise in a specified time period. The focus is to shape up for summer and why wait for the new year; START NOW!! After the 12 week program, credits are given as a coupon to be redeemed anytime at MASA.


You may receive credit for doing any of the following activities:

  • Lap Swimming
  • Aquatic Fitness Classes (Any Instructed Class)
  • Independent Workouts (30 minutes or more of vigorous activity in the pool)

Why Wait

Dates TBD

Shape Up For Summer

Sunday, February 16th, 2020 – Saturday, May 9th, 2020

12 weeks

Rules for Shape Up For Summer and Why Wait:

  • Participant must have a regular membership at MASA.
  • You must sign in, as that is how we will track your attendance.
  • Participants are credited for a legitimate workout of at least 30 minutes.
  • Participants may now be credited more than once a day if they actually leave and come back to work out again.
  • Workouts must take place at MASA.

Successful completion during the 12 weeks entitles participants to receive a coupon toward MASA merchandise or money off their membership renewal the next year.

  • 30 workouts = $5.00 (on average 2.5 days a week)
  • 40 workouts = $7.50
  • 50 workouts = $10.00
  • 60 workouts = $12.50 (on average 5 days a week)
  • 70 workouts = $15.00
  • 80 workouts = $17.50 (on average 7 days a week)


Past Incentive Participants…you will automatically be enrolled into the new program and will not need to let us know. We only need to know if you want to be removed or are new to the incentive program.

Your incentive progress is posted weekly on the bulletin board in the lobby while the 12 week incentive programs are running.

We remove you from the list if you have not participated at all during the previous incentive period or are no longer a member.

Lap Swimmers…we will continue to track your miles as that is part of MASA’s Milestone Program. This is not a part of the incentive program.

Lap swimmers can track their miles even if they are not a member of the incentive program. This is posted on the bulletin board in the pool. These miles are tracked for life. We keep your lap records even if you are not a member or are not actively swimming for a while. We do not track miles for non-members but we will retain the records from when you were a member so you can pick up where you left off when you join again. We may remove you from the printed list, but when you start swimming again your name will reappear and you will start adding miles to whatever your previous saved miles were. Sorry, but we only include miles that you swam in the MASA pool.