Senior Discount

  • If you are over the age of 65, you can lock in your membership rate so that your rate will never increase as long as you continue to be a MASA member.
  • Many seniors are already locked in at a previous years rate, but if you have just turned 65 or did not lock in in a previous year you can lock in at the rate for the new year.
  • For family memberships, only one person has to be 65 to be eligible for this discount.
  • Because you must have a “continuous” membership in order to lock in, your membership will renew automatically on the date that it expires. If you wish to discontinue your membership you will need to let us know before you make a payment.
  • You will get an email reminder a few weeks before the membership is set to renew.
  • If you do discontinue you will lose your lock in rate. If you would like your payments to be automatic we can set that up as well.
  • Lock-in memberships will not pay extra for paying in quarters.

Employee Discount

  • Employees get a free MASA membership.
  • You will receive the type of membership that is appropriate for your age and the number of hours that you work.
  • You may upgrade to a family membership by paying the balance of the price between a family membership and the value of the adult or youth membership that you have received.

If you have a senior discount, or employee discount, please sign up for your membership in person rather than paying online. If you sign up online we can give you the discount as a credit to your account, but we cannot apply it to a payment that you have already made.

Referral discounts

  • You will receive $20 for each new member that takes out a membership at MASA and gives us your name.
  • These will be applied as a credit to your account at the time that the referral is received. The resulting account credit will automatically be applied whenever you purchase something at MASA.
  • Referral discounts are only available to existing members.
  • When taking out a membership in person there is a place on the membership form to say who referred you.
  • If you take out a membership through Mindbody there is a place in your profile where they can say that you were referred by another person. When we process your membership we will contact you and ask who referred you.

Incentive discounts

  • These will be handed out as a coupon at the end of the incentive program.
  • The coupon can be used for anything at MASA, valid with proof of hard copy coupon.
  • Click here to learn more about the Shape up For Summer and Why Wait Fitness Incentive Programs.