Membership Integrity System is what we use here at MASA for  membership management and registration. Please read this page if you have not connected to MIS before.

If you have already created your account you can click here to book appointments through MIS.

If you have already created your account you can click here to log into your existing client account.

We love MIS because it allows us to have FAMILY ACCOUNTS!!!   

If you are having trouble we are happy to help. Please email office@masaswim.org or call 715-443-3772. Most of our front desk staff now have the training to help you but for best results it is best to call weekdays between 7:30 and 3:30.

New Members

We are now accepting new memberships! You can purchase a membership at the pool with cash, check or charge or you can take out a new membership online and create your own family account.  Please use the adult who will be paying as the “Primary” person on the account and then add any minors or other family members, and then they will be linked to you. Use the adult even if you are purchasing a youth membership or non-member swim lessons for a child. The adult can be in charge of the account even if they are not a member.


Existing Members

We now have all existing members entered into MIS and a “temporary membership” has been applied. The temporary membership is your existing membership from Mindbody.

  • If you have already created a password in MIS, filled in your profile and add your family members (if it is a family membership); THANK YOU!
  • If you have not done this yet you can do it at any time, but we recommend that you do it before it is time to begin signing up for swim lessons.
  • If you are an existing member you should have received an email from us explaining your account, and a separate email that will allow you to connect to your existing account.
  • All you need to do is click on the link that is in that email and follow the directions to create a password.
  • If you would like us to resend that email we can do that.  We can tell you your user name if you have forgotten it (it is not your email), but we do not know your password.  We can, however reset it.
  • Important – if you still have the newsletter that directed you to create a temporary membership please disregard that. We have now created temporary memberships for everyone, so if you follow the old instructions you will have a duplicate profile.
  • If you have been visiting the pool in phase 1 or 2 your expiration date will already have the days added to compensate for the time that we were closed.
  • If you have not yet returned (which is perfectly fine) the expiration date in your temporary membership will show your original expiration date.  When you return or when we reach phase 3 we will adjust those dates for you and inform you what we did.
  • Note:  If your original expiration date is in the past you will need to call so we can add more time to your temporary membership before you can book.
  • If you had a balance or had remaining auto-pays in Mindbody, please be aware that all of the balances have now been moved to MIS. You will see it when you log into your account. These will be a lump sum but you can make a partial payment if you wish. If you like, you can go back on auto-pay with your next membership in MIS. We are also introducing auto-renewal as the default for memberships paid by credit card. If you do not want your membership to renew just let us know before it expires.
  • Memberships paid by cash or check will still require manual renewal except for lock-in memberships.
  • Important:  When your membership reaches its original expiration date, do not purchase a new membership before we apply your added time to the old membership.