Membership Terms

Policy For Yearly Membership Payments

Yearly memberships are non-refundable, non-transferable and all four payments need to be made under the contract option selected.

Membership prices are set by our board of directors.

Payment options are:

  • Pay in full by cash, check, credit card (online or in house) at the established yearly rate.
  • Pay in quarters by cash, check, credit card (in house or auto pay) at the established quarterly rate. Payments will be due on the day that you took out your membership, every three months, to equal four payments.
  • When signing up in person you have the option of paying by cash or check and have the balance placed on your account. You may also choose Auto Pay via credit card when signing up in person.
  • When you sign up online, auto pay via credit card or payment in full will be your options.
  • If you are paying by credit card either quarterly or yearly the default for you membership is “Auto Renew”. If you do not want your membership to automatically renew and charge your credit card after your one year term please let us know before your membership expires.
  • Whichever option you choose, you will get an email reminder when your payment is due or when it will be deducted automatically. You will also get an email when your membership is about to expire.
  • You will need an email address to take out your membership online, but if you are a customer that does not use email and you are paying in person we will remind you in person, by phone or by mail.
  • Those that choose to pay by cash or check will receive last years price.
  • Those that are over 65 and have an established lock in rate will pay the paid in full price even if choosing a payment plan. Auto Renew is in place for both credit and cash/check payments because you must have a continuous membership in order to keep this price.

Membership Terms

  • Members who choose not to use auto pay, and do not pay as established in their contract, and have a lapse of payment for 30 days or more, will be required to pay in full the remainder of their membership balance or be put into an auto pay by credit card agreement.
  • Any charge-backs, processing fees, and/or returned check fees due to lack of sufficient funds from a credit card or check payment will be charged back to the member unless the error is shown to be the fault of MASA.
  • Membership not paid under the contract terms will be suspended during the current membership term until payment is resolved. This means that the member(s) will not be able to register for lessons or use the pool.
  • If at the end of the membership term, the member remains delinquent and wishes to establish another membership, the old (delinquent) membership must first be paid in full and the new membership must be paid in full for the next five years.
  • For credit card payments, MASA transactions will appear as “4TE*MARATHON AREA SWIM AS” on your credit card statement.
  • MASA uses your email address solely for purpose of distributing our email newsletter and/or for MASA business. MASA will not give, sell, or otherwise transfer email addresses to any other party for the purposes of initiating or enabling others to initiate electronic mail messages.
  • In order to be eligible for a youth membership, children must be eight years old or have passed level 3.
  • Young adults are eligible for a youth membership (or they may continue on their parents membership) until they are 18 years old or for as long as they are a full time college student.
  • Family memberships are for an immediate family (parents and their children). You must be a legal guardian for any other children that you would like to include on your membership.
  • Adults must be legally married in order to include two adults on a family membership.

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