Rehab and Fitness Passes

Click here to purchase a Rehab Membership.

  • This membership is designed for those recovering from an injury, surgical procedure or with a medical condition.
  • You will need a note or prescription from your doctor or chiropractor to be eligible for this membership. You may have them fax this to us or you can bring it the first time you come to the pool.
  • You can come during open swim or attend any of our fitness programs.
  • The rehab membership is good for three months.
  • $86.00 cash/check or $89.00 credit/debit is the cost of a three month rehab membership.

Fitness – Eight Visit Series

Note: This was previously called the “Fitness Punch Card”

Click here to purchase an eight visit fitness series.

  • This series is for fitness activities such as organized fitness classes, lap swim or working out in the pool on your own (not for open swim).
  • You get eight visits that expire after one year.
  • When you purchase this online you will not get the plastic punch card. Our MIS system will remember how many visits you have. But, if you like having the card to remind yourself how many visits you have left we can give you one when you come for your first visit.
  • $56.00 cash/check or $58.00 credit/debit is the cost of the eight class series.